Finishing works

Finishing works can begin after the building has been delivered to the desired destination and assembled. When ordering house building kit at the factory, you can as well ask for a specific finishing to be manufactured right at the factory. There are different options available, for instance you can order the inner walls of your house to be lined with gypsum cardboard or finished with wood. If you order gypsum cardboard finish, later you will have to finish them with wallpaper, tiles or other material of your preference.
The same applies to the exterior finishing of the building. Already in the factory you can order finishing of your choice like wooden finishing or finishing that after assembly of the house will allow it to be finished with artificial stone tiling, etc.
Please note that the factory kit doesn’t include the final roof cover as well as the materials needed to insulate the roof construction.

Log house finishing, unlike previously mentioned wooden panel (wooden frame) buildings, is simpler, because log houses are constructed of glued wooden beams which means that the final finish is left with a beautiful wood. More detailed information about the factory kit can be found here.