There are various myths about wooden building security. Let’s see some arguments below.
There are irrefutable scientific facts and experimental results, which demonstrate that the wooden houses are endowed with a good safety profile as fire as and other test case.

Fire Security

Wooden buildings are not just “tree house”, but the buildings are built of special panels and designed to be oxygen-insulating or fire retardant. It is used materials thatwill hold fire on an access panel inside the tree. There have been experiments which have shown small fires (i.e. fire brigade arrives in time) in such a house fire can only raze wall coatings – the tree structure will stay without damage. In this case, the house is quite easy and cheap to restore.

UK government commissioned a study at one of the leading British building fire companies with more than 75 years of experience “Chiltern International Fire”. They came to the conclusion that there are no more or less safe building construction methods. Basically, everything is decided by the builders working professional, and even those with an risk assessors – Credit Employers and insurers – now recognizes that well-built wooden house is as safe an investment as brick or concrete block house.


Common ideas that “heavier = stronger” is not true for modern technology. Wooden houses are lighter than stone or blockhouse, but the design is subtle andpreciseinvention that provides strength of an excellent and strong earthquakes and hurricanes. A bright example of wooden houses in New Orleans, which became famous for the fact that after the hurricane “Katrina” the only that wooden house remained among the thousands destroyed in surroundings.

Wooden house in a neighbourhood of New Orleans was the only one who passed the hurricane “Katrina”.


Wooden building resistance to various environmental factors over a long period has been surveyed in various studies. Overall, the conclusion is clear – a wooden house has a very high resistance to various aggressive environmental influences, but under the condition that the house is built properly.

More about the advantages of wooden buildings is referred in sub-sections.